Teachings & retreats

Vajrasattva Retreat
with Yangsi Rinpoche
From Saturday 1st (10am) to Saturday 8th August (12 noon)


Yangsi Rinpoche is currently Director of Maitripa College, a Buddhist university affiliated with the FPMT, in Portland, USA. For nearly 20 years, he has given us the great joy of coming to teach at the Institute every summer.


Because of restrictions on flights from the United States, there is little chance that Rinpoche will be able to attend the Institute this year. For his part, he hopes to return as soon as possible, but for the moment we are obliged to adapt the usual programme in order to maintain this important practice time of the summer.

In consultation with Rinpoche and Geshe Loden, we have decided to continue the retreat in the following manner:


Registrations : The number of places in the gompa is limited to 60.
There will be three practice areas to allow more people to attend.
Priority for places in the main gompa will be given to those who make the retreat in its entirety.


Session times :
6:30 am (guided by Geshe Loden) >languages: french
10 am (guided by Geshe Loden) >languages: french
4:30 pm (free session) >languages: french
8:00 pm (session with Yangsi Rinpoche live on the Internet) >languages: french and english
Register here for the english translation on Zoom.
Free participation : donation options during the live or this website

Texts to download for the retreat ;
Long long life prayer - Yangsi Rinpoche
Short long life prayer
Solitary Vajrasattva
Vajrasattva Retreat 2020
Wheel of Sharp Weapons Translation