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Our satellites

Since 1999, the Institute offers evening activities in Toulouse and Balma. The sessions last 1h30 and allow the Toulouse public to have access to a complete range of activities of our center in the Tarn. The program offers an alternative between:

  • Buddhist teachings
  • meditation training sessions
  • discussions and questions/answers to learn more about Buddhist philosophy
  • the practice of rituals accessible to a wide audience

These evenings are open to everyone, it is not necessary to follow the program progression and it is possible to join even if you are a beginner. In the same way, people who are already aware of this spiritual approach will also find something to nourish their inner journey.

Tcheukor Ling Balma

Every Tuesday at 7:30 pm.

Space La Mane

9 av. Lagarde, 31130 Balma

Tel : Jean-Louis at 07 67 82 95 36

Tcheukor Ling Toulouse

Every Wednesday at 8pm.

Vivrenciel Association

20 chemin Pujibet, 31200 Toulouse

Tel : Sylvie at 06 76 65 13 25