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Compassion in action

Without our volunteers, we would not be able to offer courses and access to Dharma teachings that are also funded based on donation. 

The Institute relies on a variety of volunteers for all kinds of activities: from kitchen, garden and maintenance work, housekeeping, to running the library, administration, temple preparation, fundraising.

If you want to spend a meaningful period of your life in contact with the Buddhist teachings, come and join us at the Institute.

We also welcome people from all backgrounds, as well as non- buddhists, yet who have a sincere interest in the Buddha’s teachings and meditation.

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✓ One-off volunteering

Many people offer their services to the Institute in their spare time. For example, for a half-day or a day, on a weekly or monthly basis, or even a weekend from time to time.

Their commitment can be one-off or regular.

✓ Short stay and volunteering

Some choose to come and stay for a few days in our center to help the team in a sector or on several tasks (stays of less than 15 days).

✓ Becoming a student-resident of the institute

To encourage the realization of study projects related to the Dharma, we offer the possibility of welcoming people under the status of student-resident.

These spots are limited in number due to the limited number of accommodations on our site. Applicants are selected by the Management Committee based on their motivation.

The student-resident status is based on the fundamental principles of Dharma put forward by the FPMT and summarized here: “Study, Reflect, Meditate, Serve”.

The commitment of the student-resident is accompanied by a trial period of two weeks. During their stay, they are integrated into the team according to their skills and have a specific teaching programme supervised by a tutor.



In each Department, professional experiences are always appreciated. In all cases, we do provide training and guidance to volunteers in accordance with the taks, and allocations are made based on one’s own capacities, as some jobs may require more or less physical strength. Human and organizational qualities are essential, particularly because we value teamwork that naturally supports the type of establishment we manage.

This department is one of the most important in our institute as it provides a continuous service throughout the year. It is thanks to this service that we can offer ideal conditions to retreatants and students who stay in the center for a short or long period.

   ● kitchen help/clerk

   ● receiving and storing food orders

   ● cleaning and maintenance of the kitchen

   ● preparation of service and dining room

   ● organizing the washing up

   ● preparing self-service drinks

   ● maintenance and cleaning of dining rooms.

Due to the size of the property, the tasks of the maintenance department are manifold. All skills are welcome in this sector, which works to achieve the various phases of our master plan, while at the same time taking care of the day-to-day repairs and upkeep of our living and working space.

   ● maintenance of outdoor areas

   ● small maintenance work

   ● maintenance of the orchard

   ● participation in various ongoing projects related to permaculture design and the development of natural areas

   ● enhancing the biodiversity of the park and its functions by working on the harmony of the place to create a path of contemplation around the institute.

Offering its service within the Rooms & Maintenance Department is a way of creating good conditions of comfort and hygiene for our students, residents and retreatants, throughout the year. This implies:- the preparation of rooms
   ● house linen management in partnership with a local professional company.

   ● organization and tidying up of storage areas.

   ● cleaning of living areas and sanitary facilities,

   ● collaboration with the reception department to ensure a warm welcome for our guests,

   ● active cooperation with the maintenance department.

Offering your service within the Institute by working at the reception desk allows you to be in direct contact with retreatants, visitors, different members of the team, and also with the teachers.

The missions and tasks to be accomplished are very important for the institute, and varied. Kindness, patience and rigor are qualities required to ensure service and to convey the good image of the Institute.

   ● physical reception:

    ✓ orientation of the public
    ✓ welcoming visitors who are just passing through
    ✓ welcoming people coming to stay at the Institute
    ✓ telephone reception
    ✓ guest services/concierge service
    ✓ organisation of transport shuttles

   ● secretariat/administration:

    ✓ management of reservations,
    ✓ email management

   ● follow-up and management of the cash desk

The Institute has many areas of activity in which you can contribute your skills or train to enrich your professional experience.

   ● Shop

   ● Technology and IT

   ● Communication

   ● Administration

   ● Accounting and bookkeeping

We are particularly looking for people with expertise in the following areas:

   ● A person with experience in fundraising

   ● A service coordinator for the dining rooms

   ● A HR manager

   ● A management assistant


Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

The Vajra Yogini Institute is home to both ordained and lay persons from various cultures and backgrounds. What unites us is our commitment to the Buddhist teachings and way of life.

As a member of this community, we require that you also make this commitment for the duration of your stay at the Institute.

To ensure that everyone understands exactly what this commitment entails, please read below our in-house rules of life:

Submit your application

Submit your application

If you would like to get involved, please write to us at


Please specify your availability, your skills and your wishes.

If you would like to get involved, please write to us at



Please specify your availability, your skills and your wishes.

Thank you