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Stay or personal retreat

A woman meditating in the forest, seen from behind


Booking is open by default for a maximum stay of one week but you can request for longer periods in the booking.

We also ask you to fill in an information questionnaire beforehand. The reservation cannot be validated without it.


A favorable place

Our center is open for personal retreats depending on accommodation’ s availabilities, weekends and summer periods offering fewer possibilities. The Institute offers an environment conducive to contemplative practices and benefits from the blessings of all the great spiritual practitioners who have honored it with their presence for over 40 years.

The environment of the Institute is also ideal for outdoor meditation and walks.

Our library is permanently opened, you will be able to consult many books related to Buddhist practice (consult the collection).

Meals are shared with the community, and it is also possible to eat in silence in reserved areas.

The Institute is home to a community of monastic and lay practitioners. Daily, each person studies Buddhism at his or her own level, participates in the center’s activities and in welcoming the public, attends services and responds to requests for special prayers and spiritual support. You can join the daily morning practices which are held in the temple.

We also offer many activities that you can join during your stay.