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Nyung-Näs Retreat

A statue of Tchenrezi with a thousand arms

Dates and registration


  • Access to the broadcasts is open to all without registration
  • One session per day is broadcast: day 1 at 5:00 am, day 2 at 5:30 am.
    Check the calendar for day 1 or 2.
  • A complete Nyung-Nä is broadcasted once a month

The retreat of 108 Nyung-Näs

Nyung-Nä is an intensive practice of purification of negative karmas accumulated by the body, speech, and mind. Each session lasts two days and combines the Thousand Arms Chenrezig (Buddha of Compassion) practice with the observance of fasting and silence.
To engage in this practice, it is preferable to have taken the refuge vows and, if possible, to have received a complete initiation (tib. wang) of the kriya tantra or, at the very least, to have, from the bottom of one’s heart, faith in the Buddha and his teachings. It is said that doing 8 consecutive Nyung-Näs closes the door to a rebirth in the underworld.

Guide for retreat

Portrait of Venerable Charles Trébaol

After serving as a resident at the Vajra Yogini Institute, Venerable Charles took ordination in 1989. Since then he has spent several years on solitary retreat in the Pyrenees and in California and regularly guides 108 Nyoung-Nè retreats.

A fully ordained monk, he resides at the Vajra Yogini Institute.

Conditions for retreat

  • Each Nyung-Nä lasts 2 days (day 1 + day 2 + 5h session on day 3).
  • Each Nyung-Nä includes as only meals: a lunch (day 1), a breakfast (day 3).
  • The last session of a Nyung-Nä (5h session of day 3) corresponds to the 1st session of the following Nyoung-Né. The retreat is a sequence of 108 Nyung-Näs.
  • It is possible to join at any time for one or more Nyung-Näs. It is recommended to arrive the day before a day 1.
  • Registration is required to participate in a face-to-face session, the minimum participation is one full Nyung-Nä.
  • Nyung-Nä schedule:
    • Day 1 : sessions at 5am, 9.15am, 4pm
    • Day 2: sessions at 5:30, 11:00, 16:30
    • Day 3 (= day 1 of the next Nyoung-Né) : session at 5h.
  • Check the calendar for day 1 or 2.
  • If you have never done a full Nyoung-Né at the Institute with Charles, please fill out this questionnaire before registering.