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Vajra Yogini Retreat

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Dates and registration

The practice of Vajra Yogini is part of the Unsurpassable Yoga (Anuyoga) class, a higher tantra that requires a full initiation of this particular tantra class. Its practitioner must observe the bodhisattva vows and samayas corresponding to this class of tantras.

The 11 progressive yogas that characterize this practice of the Mother Tantras are intended to be beneficial in helping us transform ordinary perceptions, especially those influenced by desire, and in bringing us closer to the pure form of this deity in action and meditation.

The steps of the common path – in particular the aspiration to attain the enlightenment of a Buddha in order to be perfectly beneficial to beings and the right view of emptiness – remain indispensable foundations to receive the full effects of tantric practices.

Guide for retreat

Marie Henry arrived in 1982 and was one of the first residents and translators at the Institute.

Marie has been guiding a winter Vajra Yogini retreat and intensive rituals and practices every year ever since. She is also our chanting leader (umze).

Conditions for retreat

  • To have received the initiation of Vajra Yogini
  • Commit to the entire retreat and attend all sessions