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News from the bio-diversity zone

Vue des terrasses en permaculture à l'Institut Vajra Yogini

After an active summer at the institute, the biodiversity zone project has come to a standstill in the heat and drought so familiar to us here on the heights of Marzens.

That said, the terrace structures held up well and the green manure seedlings (phacelia, buckwheat, vetch, oats) were able to develop with the help of the ants, who also had the opportunity to do their homework.

The first terrace, planted during one of the permaculture workshops in May, withstood the heat waves and scorching sun.

Water was an important element to take into account during this crucial period, and also demonstrated the difficulties encountered in helping plants to establish themselves.

Now that the autumn-winter planting season is upon us, we’ve been working on a design plan for our edible forest garden.

Now that we’ve found a nursery that can meet the large order for all our plants, we’re looking forward to the next phase of our overall agro-ecological project.

A big thank you to all of you for your support’.